Oh Canada!


Bar Harbor, Cadillac Mountain, Bay of Fundy, Kennebunkport

Road trip up the east coast to get on board of my home for the next four months!

Plane to: Boston

Road trip visits: Kennebunkport (ME), Bar Harbor (ME), Machias (ME), Saint Johns (NB, Canada), Digby (NS, Canada), Grand Pre (NS, Canada) Halifax (NS, Canada) …Then I’m off!

Mom and are finishing up our road trip up to my ship in Nova Scotia. We just got off of a three-hour ferry ride today, bringing us into Canada. This is has been a wonderful trip so far with many memorable moments! We have been able to see a dear family friend, stay with my wonderful boyfriend and his family, meet interesting folks from all over, and we were truly able to get a feel for the community and the quaintness of the small New England and Canadian towns which we passed through.
I leave on Thursday for my Semester at Sea and I am very excited! It is very strange to me that for the next four months, I will not be in the United States. It makes me a little weary, but I am more so excited for the adventure which we have coming up! I’ll make sure to keep y’all updated aboard the MV Explorer and let you know how life is coming about out on the deep blue sea. Until then, enjoy the collage I made of the beautiful places we visited!  See y’all soon!




3 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. Ahoy! An auspicious beginning! Can’t wait for the journey at sea (oh, it’s you that’s going, not me). Working on ATT. Tonight, cooked seven pork roasts for homeless church social tomorrow. You should post every day. Love, DAD.

    • Also, you saw from Kelley today that you’re on ATT worldwide. Think as we talked you should use iphone onshore for must-do calls (see Kelley’s email for country use), use the ship-to-shore line when onboard as necessary, and we can arrange calls on the iphone. When you’re onboard, the ATT service is not on the global plan, but is charged at $2.50/minute. Think email is best for daily updates, such as the above. Great pictures! Love, DAD

  2. kate-
    As I have watched the months turn into weeks weeks into days now tomorrow is the day that you board. I have so many mixed emotions right now. I’m so excited for you and missing the hell out of you at the same time!! Most of all i’m so proud to call you my friend. I’ve watched you blossom into a wonderful young lady and i could not be any more prouder of you than i am right now. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I know that you will have a wonderful time and meet so many exciting people. Enjoy this exciting time of your life!!!!! Counting the days until you return.


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