Bon Voyage!


 Today, August 23, 2012, is a day that has been on my mind for a while now.  Last year around this time I was looking for potential places to study for the Fall of my junior year (which seemed SO far away at the time).  I had decided that I really wanted to go to Australia because I had heard such good things about, however, my Dad was not too keen on me traveling to the land down under.  He instead told me about this program that I had never heard of before which was called: Semester at Sea.  He went on to explain to me a little about the program and I immediately was sold on it.  Being an adventurous woman, I felt that cruising the world in 107 days was right up my ally.

That phone call from my Dad seems like just yesterday to me, but in fact, it’s been almost a year.  A year full of extensive planning, negotiating, and packing and all the time I was planning my voyage I never actually thought I would see the day I would be on the ship.  Just about two hours ago, we embarked on what we are told will be the greatest experience of our lives.  Leaving Nova Scotia was definitely a surreal moment, but one that was filled with excitement and eagerness.  Today, my Semester at Sea dream came true.  I loaded myself on the ship, and set sail for the great unknown.

The ship is just how I imagined it would be.  The facilities are great and the views off the decks are breathtakingly gorgeous.  The people are so wonderful and outgoing,  I haven’t met anyone who I didn’t like!  The crew is fantastic and so helpful in everyway that they can be.  The professors treat you as a friend and seeing them with all their families creates a communal aspect of the ship between students and professors.  So far, my Semester at Sea has been going great and I cannot wait to see what it has in store for me during the days to come.




3 thoughts on “Bon Voyage!

  1. Katie, I, too, am leaving Nova Scotia as I write this. It’s a lovely day and my hope is that the seas are clear for you also. We had a great time traveling up here but, now that you are safely on your way, I am ready to go home. I envy the studies that you are getting ready to start. Have fun and learn a lot. Xo.

    • Honey, I’m very happy you’re on your way. Looks like 8 days at sea to Galway, an interesting small city with good music and pubs (go lightly there). You might try some of literary highlights around Galway, such as Yeats’ Castle, Lady Augusta Gregory’s house (a national park now, with the Poets Tree — Oscar Wilde others have their names carved), and most importantly Coole Park, of the Yeats poem. Askl your poetry prof. Tally ho! Love, DAD

  2. Hey hey this looks great!! You are such a talented writer. I am so excited to hear about the travels. Have a fantastic time in Dublin and take lots of breaths!

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