Not as Easy as I Thought…

Let me tell you from personal experience…it’s really, really difficult to cross the Atlantic Ocean…especially when you are taking classes.

I doubt that many people know what it is like trying to deeply concentrate on 50 pages of Atlantic Oceanography History while also trying to keep from falling off a chair from the rough waters of that very same ocean you’re reading about.  It sounds a lot more glorifying than it actually is.

It’s hard enough to concentrate on tedious class material when you’re on ground, let alone a lot harder when you’re trying to just not vomit from seasickness on the computer screen that you are reading on.  Everyday class is a lot more difficult on the ship.  There are constant distractions of huge waves mounting the side of the ship and having the professor holding on to his podium just trying to not fall as he is teaching the class.

It’s also a lot more difficult to write notes, one can imagine.  It’s almost like you are in some make believe Disney movie.  It just does not seem real.  Constant headaches and motion sickness is what a lot of people on the ship experience.  I now understand why it is not common for people to cross the Atlantic Oceans—They are entirely too rough for the normal person.  You have to be absolutely insane to be able to deal with its day-to-day mood swings… That’s one thing that is nice about the ship.  Everyone on it is very similar on some level of craziness!

The unique quality treats of people that bring themselves to come on the voyage creates a immediate unity among the ship that is unlike any other community I have ever been apart of.  It’s an understanding that through the ebs and flows (literally), we are all in it together and just going through this journey alone is enough to create bonds to last a lifetime.

We get to Galway on Friday!  I’m excited to get onto land after nine days of being at sea.  It will definitely be strange getting on land for the first time in over a week, I hear people get sick from being on the land opposed to the waters.  It’s also going to be strange to be expected by society to walk in straight lines instead of it being completely normal to get flung up against a wall when walking to class.

So far on my voyage I have met awesome people with really cool backgrounds.  Everyone on this experience has some story to tell and I haven’t met anyone with a boring attitude.  Everyone is quite adventurous and it feels like I’ve known them for a lot longer than just five days.  I’m excited to get into ports, onto land, and finally experience everything that Galway and Dublin have to offer!


One thought on “Not as Easy as I Thought…

  1. Looks like you’re having a feisty passage — glad you’ve got the course work down and your sea legs on. Bet the folks on board are indeed interesting — but so are you. Think you’re lucky you don’t get very seasick. Galway will be a good break. Love, DAD

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