First Stop: Galway, Cork, and Dublin, Ireland

Yesterday morning at 5:00am, we were finally able to yell: “Land Ho!” after not seeing any specks of it for 8 whole days. Everyone on the ship (well at least the good SAS students) got up real early, headed to the bow of the ship, and anxiously watched as the sun began to rise over the beautiful country of Ireland. Soon after, we loaded off the ship, onto the tenders, and got taken into the port of Galway.

As my friends and I headed into the city, one of the first things we did was grab a cup of Irish coffee and it quite could have been some of the best coffee I’ve had! We then walked all over the city for hours and hours, exploring everything that this one had to offer us and the two main points we concluded with were: The streets are quant and the people are extremely friendly. Though this city is the second largest in Ireland, it has a town feel to it and bases much around community. People look out for one another here and that in itself is something to recognize as global citizens.

For those of you that haven’t been to Ireland, many of the pubs look just like you would expect them to. We stopped in a nice one called: The Front Door and had a relaxing lunch made complete with the one and only Irish “gift from God” ,as the locals like to call it, Guinness. It was too dark for me, so I couldn’t take more than two small sips of it. I don’t think the bartender had ever seen someone not drink Guinness in Ireland, nonetheless, he seemed quite confused. Luckily, he was quick to give me a free Bailey’s coffee which was absolutely delicious.

After about eight hours of walking through the city, we decided to finally check into our hostile. This was our first time ever staying in one of these and we were very unaware of what to expect. It cost us 24 euro and we shared a room with eight different people. I honestly never thought I would say that the beds on the boat felt like heaven compared to these in the hostile! I refused to leave any of my belongings there, so the entire night, I walked around with a huge backpack attached to me. We went out on the town in Galway and had a great time, boy, Ireland sure does know how to party! By the end of the day and night, the bed felt like 1,000,000 bucks.

As I’m writing this post, I am on a bus with my friends on the way to Cork for the day and night. The Ireland countryside is magnificently gorgeous and it is quite a beautiful drive.

Tomorrow, we are headed to Dublin and staying in the city tomorrow until we depart for the UK on the ship the next day. Haven’t had a chance to catch up on much sleep, but I suppose it’s hard to rest when you’ve got so much land to cover in so little time! We are having a wonderful time exploring the country and definitely enjoying a break from the seas of the Atlantic! Hope everyone is well.



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