Cork, Ireland: A Three Photo Collage


An overview of the sunrise over Cork, a traditional Irish Claddagn ring, and a drive through the countryside.

The city of Cork is the second largest city in Ireland, in between Dublin and Galway. It is a wonderful, spread out city that centers around a quant waterway. We even saw sea lions popping their little heads out of the waterway! In this city, they had a great English Market which reminded me of a classier version of our Farmer’s Market.

Although Ireland has broken away from it’s British rule, there are many photos of Queen Elizabeth which leads one to believe that the influence of the UK still stands prominent today.

The Claddagh Ring has been around for 400 years. It is a distinct and unique love symbol and has two ways to be worn. If it’s worn on the hand with the heart facing outward, it means that the wearer of it still has an unavailable heart and if it worn on the right hand with the crown pointing out towards the knuckles, it means that the wearer has an occupied heart.

The ring is normally associated with the phrase:

“Let love and friendship reign”

Lastly, the photo of the cows represents what a drive through the countryside of Ireland looks like. It is not highly populated from the migration to the States centuries ago, which makes the population density quite light in most areas.

As I am writing this post–on my iphone– I am in the middle of the countryside traveling to Dublin on a bus….talk about the advancement of technology!

One last thing– I found an explanation of the Russell crest while at Blarney Castle yesterday. I thought this was neat, so of course I bought a couple (Dad– I bought one for you don’t worry). I will be glad when we are out of Europe for the sole reason being the exchange rate…not used to having the dollar be LESS! I suppose I got spoiled with the dollar to rupee exchange rate while in India…

Much love to everyone at home in the States! As I travel, I just miss the United States more and more! It really is quite a special place and the cultural diversity we have in the States is honestly unlike anywhere else I have ever been. That’s all for now– Leaving Dublin tomorrow for the UK!



5 thoughts on “Cork, Ireland: A Three Photo Collage

  1. It’s so great to awaken to one of your posts. The seas in BHI are a little rougher than usual on South Beach. Sun is shining in its late summer haze. Nice breeze. We miss you here. However, Ireland looks wonderful. Have a great time. We are doing well here. Xo, Mom

  2. Katie,

    Terrific post — see you note the large emptiness of the landscape. Interesting on the Queen’s picture and presence — the relationship between the English and the Irish very complex. So you went to Blarney and discovered the mystery of the Russell crest? Blarney has magical powers, as does Ireland generally, so I look forward to having the mystery solved. Mountains nice here, Democratic convention starts tomorrow. Interesting to be an expat in these times, isn’t it? Don’t know whether this posts or not — on email in mountains. Go get ’em. Love, DAD

  3. My dear Katie Kate,
    Your pictures are so beautiful. I especially like the one with the ring. It’s good to read your emails and posts but seeing your hand felt like i was seeing you again. Awkward!!! šŸ™‚

    I miss you dearly but good to hear you are having a great time.

    Not a big fan of dark ale myself

    Until you post again

  4. Elephant,

    This was a great post. Very informative, but I expect nothing less from you šŸ˜‰

    I especially like the part about the ring, but you already know that. I hope you are enjoying Dublin!!


  5. “Let love and friendship reign”- how beautiful. I love that. Glad you got to experience the beauty of the Irish countryside.. it’s so peaceful and relaxing out there! Wish you had had time to go visit the Harvey house in Sligo. Another time šŸ™‚

    ā¤ Love you best friend,

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