Cape Town, South Africa!

All of us watched in awe as the MV Explorer pulled into the Cape Town port in the early morning of our arrival day. Ashby and I quickly ran up from the third floor to the observe us coming in on the eighth deck of the ship. The view was unlike anything I had ever seen before and the way that Table Mountain completely takes over the city of Cape Town is remarkable. Ashby and I got up around 5:00am that morning, but boy was it worth it to see the sunrise and us pull into such a beautiful port.

Waking up to seeing Table Mountain over Cape Town in the early morning.

I’ll have to admit, I was the most excited for this port due to the fact that not only was I in South Africa, but also that my Daddy and Kelley were coming to see me! I was very excited to have a little piece of North Carolina with me in Cape Town and I knew we were going to have an amazing time, as we did! It’s hard to discuss everything that Dad, Kelley and I did together because we did just about everything humanly possible to do in four days, but in this blog post, I will discuss what meant most to me from our trip.

On our second day in Cape Town, Dad arranged for us to have a tour guide take us around the city in a nice van and give us a cultural tour. This tour consisted of visiting the District 6 museum, stopping by the Slave Lodge, witnessing a cannon blast off for Cape Town’s daily Noon Gun, having a wonderful Malay lunch and then visiting Langa, a Township originally created for a population of 9,000 but currently housing 15,000.

Langa allowed us to see a different side of Cape Town that many individuals turn a blind eye to. Walking throughout the streets of Langa, I found myself not asking the question of: “How do these people live under $2 a day”, but instead: “How is it that we live with so much money everyday?” How much can money really buy and when is enough, enough? The community of this Township was content and working to build a safe place that they can call home and to me, that was very inspiring.

Overall, Dad, Kelly and I had a wonderful time in Cape Town and it was definitely my favorite port of call on this journey. I’ll never forget the memories that we made and it is definitely a place that deserves a second trip and many more to follow!


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