Montevideo, Uruguay

On arrival into Montevideo, I literally had no idea what my friends and I were going to do (as usual).  We always just kind of get off the ship and walk around to get a feel for the city the first couple of hours, but the area where we were in Montevideo proved to be quite a dangerous one that wasn’t a place for tourists to mingle in.  It took us a while to realize this, but one of my friends on the ship was clubbed over the head with a glass bottle and then he was beaten right by the ship.  This being said, we had to take many precautions and watch where we were which made our time in Montevideo less enjoyable than many people on the voyage would have wished for. 

With that being said, friends and I went jogging miles into the city center away from the dangerous area of Montevideo and the scenes from the center of the city looked just like they were out of a Los Angeles waterfront!  Seeing this, it became quite apparent to me that the disparity level between the rich and the poor is extremely large (which reminds me how important a middle class it to a society).

I was unable to take a lot of photos during my stay in Montevideo just because many people had their belongings stolen from them and cameras were a hot commodity!  However, one thing I did notice about the city was the amazing graffiti that lives on the walls.



During our stay in Montevideo, my friends and I just walked around and really kept our feet on the ground, looking at everything and just taking it all in.  We typically stayed in a large group, always having my guy friends outnumbering my girlfriends and myself (always a good travel tip!)  Anyways, Montevideo was nice to stay in, but was not the best time for many people on the ship.  When we left, we were all looking really forward to Rio de Janerio, Brazil! 


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